About us

In Strong Europe we have based our business philosophy on three basic concepts:

1- Keep the highest quality level for all our products. As a result, Strong brand is synonymous of quality and reliability.

2- Offer the best service, support and cooperation, as well as ensure the shortest possible deadlines.

3- Go beyond the basic business relationship customer-supplier, by developing strategies with our customers and providing them a complete service: special productions, technical and commercial trainings, join visits to customers, etc.

Strong Europe is the result of the cooperation between two great companies: Shanghai Strong Estate Printing Equipment and ABEZETA.
The main idea to create this new company is based on a simple and effective principle: Together…Stronger!!!

Strong was created in 2004 as Shanghai Strong Estate Printing Equipment and nowadays it is the fastest growing company group who can supply the most professional printing plates in China. Currently Strong is leading the sales of CTP and CTcP in China, its domestic market, and in 2015 Strong reached the highest sales of CTcP and CTP plates in Europe among Chinese printing plate manufacturers. When someone reaches that position it is usually not by chance but rather because both the products and services meet the high standards required by European Printers.

Over the last 10 years Strong has become the fifth biggest plates manufacturer in the world, with seven production lines with an annual output of over 100,000,000 square meters of printing plates.

Abezeta, after more than 40 years of experience in the international market, has become a worldwide reference in manufacturing, supplying and marketing products for the Graphic Arts Industry. The constant technological and product development, the highly efficient and qualified team, as well as the most modern manufacturing systems, production optimization, efficiency and strict quality controls, have enabled Abezeta to be present in more than 80 countries.

The two companies separately and now together, have always been working with a unique objective; QUALITY. We have dedicated and invested a lot of time and resources to guarantee excellent and consistent quality for all our products. After years of hard work, our brand became the equivalent of consistent and excellent quality.

Strong Europe wants to provide even better service and expand to a bigger team to make you even more satisfied. Over the last years we have invested a lot of resources in logistics, R+D and technical support, in order to further ensure complete satisfaction for our growing customer base.

Continuing to do our best to keep you satisfied and to reach our objective to become one of the leaders in the european market is Strong Europe’s commitment.
Our duty and our main objective is your satisfaction. We have worked, we work and we will continue working very hard on it. Every time you give us the chance to prove it, we will make sure that with our service and with our Strong product quality, you have made the right choice.

STRONG EUROPE: Together…Stronger!!!

Strong Europe is under UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 certification process, see our Quality Policy.